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Joel Schrimpf
How we got here.

It began with the desperate need for a space for our Minnetonka wrestling program and the search for a place and partnership that would work. 

After the tour of an old autobody shop the vision of what it could be, began.  

Partnerships and great relationships were formed.  

The partners and community came together to transform this old autobody shop into the place we have today.  

We wanted something different than the other gyms in the area - we saw a gym to be used for everyday training, yet also a space with potential for wrestling camps, performance training, yoga, etc. Prior to the Shop, it was tough to find a large enough space for these varying activities. The Shop has plenty of indoor turf space, a studio space, and a large outdoor lot where fitness equipment can be brought outside to enjoy the elements.

We are grateful to all the people that helped make this space a reality. Good people really are the heart of this gym.

How did the Shop get its' name?

The building used to house an auto-body shop. When we moved in, there was still a sign on the door that read, The Shop, leading to the area that is now the gym. We liked the simplicity of the name, and so it stuck. 

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